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These are small groups in church that afford our brethren the unique opportunities of coming together to share fellowship together and help one another grow both spiritually and in other spheres of life.

1. Lifeline Children’s Church
Established to teach children God’s word and way and cater for their spiritual, physical, educational and social well-being through lively activities like teaching sessions, games, plays, choreographs, quizzes, competitions, excursions, parties and prayers. They meet during service every Sunday.

2. Lifeline Youths Fellowship:
This is a fellowship of youths and students in the Church from age thirteen and above, ensuring that their energies are directed towards productive activities that prepare them for great future and endeavours in life and God’s vineyard. It is a wonderful forum for youths to share Christian fellowship, experience, love and godly fun.

3. Lifeline Men’s Fellowship:
Men from age twenty and above come together in this group for fellowship, soul-winning, discipleship, grooming, networking and economic empowerment in order to help one another mature in every sphere of life and play their roles in the family, church and society at large.

4. Lifeline Women Ministry:
A unique body of all women in the Church from eighteen years and above to interact, share experiences and help each other physically, spiritually, emotionally, socially and economically so as to be better sisters, wives, mothers, workers and role-models in the household of God and society at large.

5. Lifeline Elders’ Fellowship:
This is a fellowship of men and women in church from age fifty years and above. Apart from sharing their wealth of life experience together, they help to guide the youths and up-coming generations and serve as role models to them. They also give wise counsel and suggestions from time to time to the church leadership.

6. Lifeline Partners:
This is a body of professional and business men & women with a vision to give and build the Kingdom of God on earth. They network to empower members financially, organize seminars, workshops, dinners and outreach programmes and give regularly towards identified projects in the Church.

7. Lifelne Senior Singles’ Fellowship:
This is a fellowship of elderly single men and women in church from age forty years and above who are either have never married, single parents, widows or widowers. They share their common needs, pray together and encourage one another. Some also find marriage patners here.

8. Lifeline Bible & Video Club:
Members of this club benefit from the resource materials of the club which consist of assorted reference Bibles, Christian Literatures, Films, Audio and Video Tapes/CDs of preachers and ministers around the world. Registered members borrow these materials at tokens for personal use for stipulated periods of time.

These classes afford every member the opportunity to grow and be well nourished spiritually. They function to ensure that the believer especially new or young converts are well taught, established and properly grounded in the word of God, and also develop godly or Christian character. There are a number of them specifically designed to meet the needs of the different target groups of people.

1. The Foundation Class
Every young convert or new member is encouraged to attend this class. The curriculum is specifically designed to produce mature Christians who understand the basic principles and tenets of the Christian faith. The students upon graduation are prepared to join the Discipleship Class.

2. Baptismal Class
Graduates of the Foundation Class and other new comers and converts in church are taken through this class to help them understand and appreciate Water Baptism and prepare them for it. However, attendance of the class is never a pre-requisite for Water Baptism though stressed as important.

3. Discipleship Class
The Discipleship Class takes off from where the Foundation Class ends and is geared towards maturing church members. This class functions to make disciples out of young converts and produce matured Christians who are well-focused; willing and ready to follow the Lord under any condition or come what may and not just because of the blessings He gives.

4. Workers’ Class
Every intending worker in church goes through this class. It equips the intending worker with the necessary information and skills for spiritual service in God’s Vineyard and helps them develop matured Christian discipline and character that is above reproach. The intending worker is also taught the history as well as doctrines, principles and practices of Lifeline Bible Church.